Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Introduction to Thick Painter In Painter 2018

Artwork by Digital Art Academy Student- Lisa James

What is Thick Paint?

Thick Paint is a fabulous new brush category in Corel Painter 2018. Thick Paint emulates the look and feel of opaque paints such as Oils and Acrylics. This month Skip and I are helping our students to understand the finer points of painting with these brushes.  Students begin with the very basic concepts and advance to creating their own brushes to paint with.

Artwork by Student-Audrey Recchia

There is a steep learning curve with these brushes, but with practice and finding the right brush traditional Painters start to feel at home. I do believe that if you have a background in traditional media painting, learning how to use these brushes will come much easier to you. I am, however extremely pleased to see the wonderful paintings being produced in class by our students.

Artwork by Student-Sari Sols

You can learn more about Thick Paint by enrolling in either Painter Club 2017-Part 2 or Painter 2018 Is It Thick Paint with Skip Allen. 

Point Reyes Perspective- Painter Master Elite, Karen Bonaker